Sunday, 19 December 2010


Kill Yr Idols is a mission. Whereas most independent music ventures in London traditionally focus on one sub-sub-genre of music, we have an objective to do something different. Inspired by the American indie/hardcore scene of the 80’s (kids, run to a library and read Our band could be your life by Michael Azerrad), we aim to work collaboratively with artists who share a common goal, but are not bound in a straightjacket to replicating the same sound and style as each other. We seek out artists who share common artistic bonds and ethos, but at the same time show a variety of sounds, themes and style.

Our playlist goes mostly back and forth between electronica, psychedelic and psychotic sounds, pop and punk. We want to put on nights where you will hear HEALTH alongside Sonic Youth, Telepathe alongside Bikini Kill and Teeth alongside Trash Kit. As well as promoting inventive and exciting new music through club nights and the Kill Yr idols blog, future events will feature collaborations with amazing independent artists and film-makers.

The first Kill Yr Idols night will be on January 28th at The Victoria in Mile End. Headlining are Bath's duo The Hysterical Injury, who are taking a short break from the debut album's recording sessions to show their noise pop brilliance in Its full glory. Chaotic noise electronica newcomers SEVERIN support following their debut at The Garage’s Ladyfest Ten Festival back in November.

You can also expect the best in cutting edge music on the dancefloor and some surprises courtesy of Kill Yr Idols, She Runs With Wolves (feat. Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup & Annette Barlow from The Girls Are) and YourOtherLover DJs.

Wanna get involved?

Music lovers- Join our group on Facebook, follow our blog and come along to one of our nights. 

Bands, DJs, zine makers, artists, film makers and writers-  drop us an email.

Be part of the revolution.

Event info:
28 Januany 2011 @The Victoria  
110 Grove Road 
E3 5TH