Saturday, 19 February 2011

GIG! Arrows of Love. The Wheelbarrow. 13.02.11

Kill Yr Idols couldn't care less about the Strokes new album. Don't even mention The Vaccines, Brother, all that overrated shite. The White Stripes end was overdue, should have happened years ago. We don't have time for revivals either.

But we have lots of time for bands like Arrows of Love. Although their heels are firmly dug into early 90's territory, this is not a(nother) case of someone trying to rehash old corpses. This is a wild, powerful band. Abrasive, as on recent released single Real Friends, or Prescriptions, and trippy as on The Knife, which takes most people who are seeing them for the first time by surprise, being almost bluesy in parts. Interesting interplay with boy/girl vocals permeates the whole performance, which grows in intensity as it goes.

Arrows of Love is a group that sounds like a car crash in Route 666. It's sweaty, messy, dangerous, sexy. Keep your eyes peeled for them.


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