Tuesday, 3 May 2011

LIVE! ZeroSet. Buffalo Bar. London. 27/04/2011

Goonite Club rocked the Buffalo Bar between 2003-2009 and decided to come back for a one-off (maybe?) event to mark the venue's 10th anniversary, with founder DJ Saron at its helm.

After The Early Years decided to call it a day David Malkinson formed ZeroSet, which features occasional appearances by some of the deceased band's members, as it was the case tonight. All the expectation was around this performance. And it didn't disappoint.

What we saw was a monster consisting of synth, vocals and guitar layers building up and up until exploding like a thousand suns. Half electronica, half drone rock, with a good measure of Krautrock added to the mix, powered by drum machines, live percussion loops and beautiful melodies. 

It's mind blowing. Keep your eyes peeled for ZeroSet.

zerOset-Polarise by ZeroSet

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